Great Britain

Great Britain

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The UK, made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is an island nation in northwestern Europe. England – birthplace of Shakespeare and The Beatles – is home to the capital, London, a globally influential centre of finance and culture. England is also site of neolithic Stonehenge, Bath’s Roman spa and centuries-old universities at Oxford and Cambridge.

Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II
Prime Minister: Theresa May (Conservative Party)
Capital: London
Dialing code: +44
Population: 65,110,000 (2016) 

Languages: English, Welsh, Scots and Scottish Gaelic.

White: 87.2%
Black/African/Caribbean: 3%
Asian/Asian British: Indian 2.3%
Asian/Asian British: Pakistani 1.9%
Others: 5.6%

Economic summary: 
Inflation: 2%
Unemployment: 7.2%
Arable land: 24.88%
Labour force: 30.15 million
Minimum wage: 1,378.87 EUR per month (Jan 2015) Eurostat
GDP per capita: 41,787.47 USD (2013) World Bank

Major trading partners: 
United States, Germany, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, China, Norway (2012).

Mode of travel:
The UK enjoys excellent global connectivity, with well over 100 countries having direct air connections to the UK in 2014 via 460 airports.

Visitors who do not travel by air are almost evenly split between those who travel by ferry (14%) or use the Channel Tunnel (13%).

Top 10 inbound markets by visits:
France: 4.1 million        
Germany: 3.2 million        
USA: 3 million               
Irish Republic: 2.5 million        
Spain: 2 million              
Netherlands: 1.9 million              
Italy: 1.8 million
Poland: 1.5 million          
Belgium: 1.1 million                    
Australia: 1 million                   

It is noteworthy that only two long-haul markets, the USA and Australia, appear in the top ten. 

Top outbound destinations: UK government statistics:
According to the most recent government statistics, UK residents made 61.5 million visits abroad in the year to April 2015, a 5% increase on the previous 12 months. That has been rising steadily: in 2012 it was 56.5 million.

Top 10 outbound destinations by visits (thousands):
Spain: 10.9 million
France: 6 million
USA: 2.1 million
Italy: 2 million
Portugal:1.9 million
Greece: 1.7 million
Netherlands: 1.2 million
Turkey: 1.1 million
Irish Republic: 1 million
Belgium: 1 million

Case Study: On the road with NYC & Co

The NYC & Company Britain & Ireland roadshow 2015
made at the Britain and Ireland roadshow

In July 2015 made teamed up with the official marketing organisation for New York City, NYC & Company, to attend their annual Britain & Ireland Roadshow. Bearing in mind the United Kingdom is the top international market to New York City (1,108,000 visits) made represented our client the Broadway Collection to a mix of buyers and tourism journalists. The Broadway Collection is a group of new and classic Broadway musicals, selected for their unparalleled popularity with international audiences.

13 members of NYC & Company including made promoted museums, attractions, restaurants, hotels, theatres, entertainment and shopping to top travel trade buyers. Each attending agency and corporate client was vetted for relevance and potential business for New York City, ensuring we had the highest quality attendees and were therefore guaranteeing a sound return of investment to participating NYC & Company members.

Each NYC & Company member was provided with a comprehensive Britain market update and a report on the clients they would meet during the course of the week.

In total, 185 quality event buyers and 6 journalists attended the Roadshow events in in London, Brighton, Blackpool and Brighton. Venues were chosen to reflect the New York City theme and NYC & Company brand, supported with food and canapés and strong destination messaging. 

NYC & Company members rated the Roadshow at 93% for developing their Britain & Ireland business. Furthermore, media coverage on the Roadshow was secured across eight travel trade titles.

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