We work with various third parties to promote cultural and sporting activities to the global visitor market. There are many different ways that we help our clients to reach overseas markets and connect with customers. We specialise in the following key areas:

Leisure Tourism: 
Leisure visitors can divided into segments such as day visits, short breaks, holidays (4+ nights) and VFR (Visiting Friends and Relatives). Marketing opportunities targeting consumers are available including; local advertising via international guidebooks, travel media, brochure distribution and online.

Our international PR campaigns engage with the world's leading publications, from national newspapers to fashion and lifestyle magazines to social media. We make arrangements for around 500 visiting journalists every year, helping them to generate 10,500 articles and broadcasts featuring our clients' events, musicals or plays.

Travel Trade:
The growth of the internet means that more people are now booking their trips directly, either online or by phone after researching on the internet. However, the travel trade (travel agents and tour operators) still plays a major role. made maintain a network of profiled travel trade contacts across the world. made aims to inspire, educate and connect the local travel trade in the following ways:

Travel Trade Press & PR
Retail Travel Agents Training Programme
Major B2B Workshops & Trade Exhibitions
Sales Mission
Participation in Local Exhibitions
Familiarisation Trips

Business Tourism:
Business Tourism refers to individuals or groups travelling for the purpose of business. Marketing opportunities targeting business travellers are available including advertising, brochure distribution and on-line.

made is a specialist in destination management with expert knowledge of the Capital & the United Kingdom.